AS Nnamdi Ezeji

He is the quintessential family man. He went against his parents’ wish to pursue a career in fine arts – he’s strong-willed. Unfortunately, he hasn’t gotten his big break yet and try as he might, this gets to him sometimes. Nnamdi is proud, as seen in his relationship with his parents. The most important thing to him is his immediate family. When his son is diagnosed with the sickle cell disease, Nnamdi struggles to be the same supportive husband he’s always been. He juggles his pride, his lack of income and his seething anger at his wife’s career success. The prominent Okey Uzoeshi plays Nnamdi Ezeji.


Yemi is smart, ambitious and down-to-earth. Though she makes money more steadily than her husband and therefore foots the bills needed to run the house effectively, she never lords it over him. She’s a bit hard on Ebere – it’s her brand of love. She dots on Ekene and would do anything to make sure he’s treated right. As a result of Nnamdi’s lack of steady income, Yemi has to work extra hard at the office to ensure the family lacks nothing. As such, she is nearly always away and misses memorable moments in the family’s life. This chips at her and sometimes makes her feel distant from her family, especially her teenage daughter Ebere. Yemi Ezeji is the debut acting role for Shushu Abubakar

Onyi Unigwe

She’s the glam girl of the class. Trendy and fab, she is the type of girl you want to hang out with. She’s a great pianist, and she flaunts it. Though Ebere is in the teenage years where she feels she knows more than her parents, she still craves their love and affirmation. And when she doesn’t get it, she switches from the sweet girl to a mean girl. Despite all her fluff and frills, Ebere loves her brother deeply, and this is never in doubt. She would let go of anything just for his sake. However, when the time came to give her ultimate sacrifice, Ebere is reluctant simply because she feels like a prop child, the one that coasts through life without the attention and
affection of her parents. Ebere Ezeji is played by Angel Onyi Unigwe, a fast-rising child actor.


All-round sweet boy. He is big on research. He is an excellent orator. Chinedu is the type of child every mother wishes they had. However, he cracks when he thinks he’s the reason for his parents’ near-constant squabbles. Chinedu has the charm that makes you know that surely his future is bright. He has a beautiful relationship with his sister such that when she denies him of the one thing he wants the most, he holds no grudge. The fast-rising child actor Nifemi Lawal is Ekene Ezeji.

AS Grandpa EZEJI
AS Grandma EZEJI
Aproko Doctor
AS Doctor Hassan
AS Genetic Counsellor